5 Space Makers for Zealous Visitors

Wooden Wine Crate Storage
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Crates for storing blankets, shoes, and books have become the new trend in housing storage. If placed on top of each other they provide a plethora of storage ideas and combinations to fit your needs as they grow.

Dishware Lighting

Remember that bowl you registered for but never use? Why not drill a hole in it and use it as a lighting fixture to change the look and feel of your area?! Simple, free, and will completely change the room.


Side Table on the Floor

Extra seating may not be as easy as extra chairs. Utilize floor space by adding a small side table to your area to encourage guests to enjoy their time however they are comfortable.


Rugs on a Side table

It always seems like a good idea to have a side table, but when people have no where to sit they don’t get used. Transform those old tables with a simple, small, comfy rug and you just expanded your seating area!

White Lights on a String

Before you hang these space creating lights, they make look similar to Christmas lights of yesteryear. Use these to illuminate and expand your space.


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