Knoxville VA Loans


Who is eligible?

• Retired and active military service personnel — all branches including Coast Guard and National Guard

What other benefits do Marissa and Margo offer me as a Veteran?

We are proud participants of the Homes for Heroes program which we gladly pay out of our own pockets to make sure you have the affordable, high-quality, and dream home you deserve.

What do I have to do differently as a Veteran?

With us, we make it simple. Give us a call, we ask you a few simple questions, and begin your process. We communicate, on your behalf, with everyone involved. Our goal is to make it simple, stress-free, and affordable for you. You served our country, let Marissa and Margo serve you through this process.

What documentation do you need and how do you request it?
• DD214 – discharge certificate
• Seller can typically pay all the closing costs and pre-paid items (next property tax installment, annual property insurance premium)
• Gift money is allowable for closing costs and pre-paid items

Note: With any level of VA -related disability, the FFF (Federal Funding Fee) is waived. All other guaranteed loans require the VA Funding Fee

What other stipulations are on a VA loan?

Maximum Loan Amount
• $417,000. There is no minimum loan amount.

How long does it take to close on a VA Mortgage?
• A VA Home loan can typically be closed within 4-6 weeks (no longer than a conventional loan).


• You can roll in energy-saving updates that will help reduce the cost of energy, like a new furnace, new water heater, new windows, insulation, etc.

• Assumable — VA Guaranteed Home Loans are assumable by another veteran when you sell your home; however, you will not be able to re-use your VA Home Guarantee Loan benefit until the subsequent loan holder either sells or refinances.

• Can I escrow my property taxes and insurance into my payments? Yes — in fact, it is required.
• Is there a pre-payment penalty? No.
• Can I refinance my current home with a VA Loan? Yes.
• If I have sold a home previously that had VA financing, can I buy again and finance it with the VA Guaranteed Home Loan? Yes, there is no limit to the number of times you can use this benefit.

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